Big Game & Wingshooting in Argentina

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German Brandazza

German Brandazza

My name is German Brandazza. Since 2007 our company is handling 45000 acres in one of the best hunting areas in Argentina, where we have more than 15 hunting species:

  • Big game hunting: wild boar, red deer, water buffalo, wild goat, black buck, axis deer, four horned sheep, fallow deer.
  • Wingshooting & Small game hunting: dove, pigeon, perdiz, vizcacha, ducks and others.

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The ranch is located 100 miles northwest of Santa Rosa city, the capital of the La Pampa Province. It is 700 Km from Buenos Aires, or one hour by air. You will be picked up in Santa Rosa and transported to the ranch in 4X4 vehicles.


Hunters will be arriving to Buenos Aires International Airport, Ezeiza. Received and transferred by GBH Safaris to the domestic Airport (arrival and departure). There the hunters will take the flight to hunting area. Upon arrival, the client will be welcomed by his guide and transported to the hunting area


If hunters are not able to bring their own guns, we are able to provide them at each hunting area, with different calibers depending game requested. For big game, a 7mm or a good 300 caliber is recommended. For buffalo, we recommend 375 H&H caliber or bigger. In order to introduce firearms to Argentina, foreign citizens will have to fill in one technical form per hunter (x3 and up to three firearms by form) which they will have to present to local authorities upon arrival at Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina.


Argentina has different climates within each season. Temperatures are not extreme. Therefore, it is recommended that the equipment is prepared according to the chosen hunting season.


Temperature averages are of 18º C during the day from March until April. From June through August daily temperatures average 10º C during the day. Below zero temperatures can be expected at nights and early mornings throughout these months, especially from April forward. Rain is occasional and doesn't usually extend for more than a day.


In order the hunters feel comfortable in our lodges, our staff prepare typically Argentinian food and we serve it with the best wines from the area. If special diet is needed, please let us know upon reservation time.


A deposit of 50% of the daily rate or contracted package is required to confirm the hunting date or reservation. Balance is payable 60 days before the hunt start.

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